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News & Events

Public Library Comparable Statistics 2014
Statistics and data from the Public Library Annual Report are now available.

OLIS Continuing Education: Spring 2015
The spring CE session offers 20 programs featuring youth and adult services meetings, workforce development, security, and user experience.

2015 LORI Certification and Annual Update
OLIS is accepting LORI membership renewal and new application January 15 through March 16, 2015.

Proposed New LORI Standards and Regulations and the LORI Interlibrary Loan Code
The LORI Standards and Regulations and the LORI ILL Loan Code have been revised. Drafts of the documents are ready for feedback from stakeholders in the RI library community.

2014 Year in Review
The Office of Library and Information Services awarded grants and launched new programs in 2014. Best wishes to all in 2015!

2015 Mock Caldecott
The 2015 RI Mock Caldecott was held on January 5th and selected winners for this annual warm-up to the national Caldecott Award.

OLIS Celebrates 50 Years
That's right, OLIS, the former Department of State Library Services, DSLS, is 50 years old!

Fall 2014 OLIS-LORI Delivery Items Count Results
43,386 items were transported in the OLIS-LORI Delivery system during the week of October 26, 2014.

E-rate News: New Rural / Urban Status
With the new FCC urban/rural definition, 15 Rhode Island library facilities are now designated as in 'rural' area, up from one previously. The rural library would be eligible to receive an additional discount.

2015 Mock Newbery Voting Meeting
The final voting meeting for the 2015 Mock Newbery is scheduled for January 21st.

2014 LORI Standards Certification Summary
Highlights of the FY2013 LORI ILL statistics and the results from the 2014 library technology scans are now available.