LSTA Funding Facts & Figures

Office of Library and Information Services Program Funding

OLIS programs and services are funded with a mix of state and federal funds. Federal funds are received under the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) through the Grants to States program, administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). The following chart outlines spending on OLIS programs as reported to IMLS in the State Program Report for federal fiscal year 2016 (October 1, 2015 - September 30, 2016). The report year differs from the State of Rhode Island's fiscal year; as such these numbers represent a different period than the period for which the State provides funding and do not align with the state budget.

The table below shows the percentages of state and federal funding for OLIS programs that are partially funded with federal funds in federal fiscal year 2016. The "LSTA %" column shows the percentage of LSTA funds out of the total RI LSTA grand expended on the program. Costs for administering LSTA are less than 4% of the total LSTA grant; other administrative costs paid for with state funds include state aid to libraries, construction reimbursement, delivery, Talking Books Plus, and OLIS general administration.

  State Federal LSTA % Total Cost
Resource Sharing  $589,452 67.8%  $279,325 32.2% 26.1%  $868,777
Talking Books Plus  $213,175 36.5%  $370,608 63.5% 34.6%  $583,783
Administration  $203,969 83.7% $39,687 16.3% 3.7%  $243,656
Library Development* $84,964 50.5% $83,316 49.5% 7.8%  $168,279
Youth Services $44,483 26.6%  $122,573 73.4% 11.4%  $167,057
AskRI** $7,244 5.4%  $127,349 94.6% 11.9%  $134,593
Continuing Education $41,382 46.3% $47,984 53.7% 4.5% $89,366
Total $1,184,669   $ 1,070,842   100% $ 2,255,511

*Library Development includes research & data services, reference services and preservation and disaster planning.
**AskRI is additionally funded with $1,012,378 for databases and services provided by the Providence Public Library as the Statewide Reference Resource Center. These funds are not included in the OLIS budget, but are administered by OLIS.

Funding Data

chart of OLIS funding by categories

Federal funding data is available as an infographic, LSTA Funds at Work in RI.

To learn more about the impact of possible funding reduction, see LSTA Funding Frequently Asked Questions.

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