Construction Reimbursement: Caps & Priorities

Current caps and priorities established by the Library Board of Rhode Island

The following caps and priorities for construction reimbursement projects and reimbursement funding were approved by the Library Board of  Rhode Island on January 11, 1999.

  1. Priority will be assigned to projects based on ability to pay, with communities in the lowest quartile of "equalized weighted assessed valuation" ranked highest.

  2. Priority will be given to those communities that have not completed a library construction project involving state construction reimbursement funding.

  3. The Office of Library and information Services will retain the existing cap of $2 million for total estimated reimbursement payment for the FY2000 budget, and will raise the cap by $1 million each year thereafter to a maximum of $5 million in FY2003.

    Because of the cap, the Office of Library and Information Services may negotiate a percentage of reimbursement for an individual project that is less than fifty percent (50%), depending on the local community's ability to pay, the size of the project, and other projects under consideration.

  4. Reimbursable costs may not exceed two hundred dollars ($200) per square foot for new construction or one hundred seventy-five dollars ($175) per square foot for renovation and remodeling. If the actual project costs exceed one or both of these costs per square foot, the state share will be based on the not-to-be-exceeded costs.
    (reimbursable costs per square foot were increased to current levels on April 24, 2006)

    Points of clarification and amendments:

    Cost per square foot is determined by the cost of contracts for new construction and/or contracts for expansion, remodeling and alteration of existing buildings.  It does not include architect and consultant fees, site acquisition costs, initial equipment and furnishings, landscaping, and parking lot construction costs.
    (added January 22, 2001)

    Reimbursable costs per square foot reflect the maximum amount that will be reimbursed and should not be construed as recommended costs per square foot.
    (added November 18, 2002)

    Architect's fees will be reimbursed up to an amount equal to 10% of the total construction costs; any amount in excess of 10% of the total construction costs is not reimbursable.
    (added January 21, 2003)