Construction Reimbursement: Sample letter

Sample letter to the successful bidder

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(company name)
(company address)


You have been tentatively awarded the contract for the (name of the library) construction project, in the amount of (contract amount). The STATE OF RHODE ISLAND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATE AND AGREEMENT is required before the contract is signed. The Contract Compliance Officer will notify you within three (3) days to arrange for a conference and necessary compliance signatures to this agreement.

Within ten (10) working days, you will prepare a Minority Business Enterprises Compliance Plan and submit it to designee (listed below) of the Director of the Rhode Island Department of Administration. The Director's designee will review and approve plans that reasonably ensure compliance with the ten percent (10%) requirement. A contractor's failure to have an approved Minority Business Enterprise Compliance Plan constitutes non-compliance.

The DRUG-FREE WORKPLACE POLICY CONTRACT CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE must be signed and filed with the library; a copy will be forwarded to the Office of Library and Information Services, Rhode Island Department of Administration, to the attention of "Library Construction" with a reference to the name of the library. All onsite employees must have successfully completed OSHA'S "TEN-HOUR CONSTRUCTION SAFETY PROGRAM;" documentation must be available on the jobsite during construction.


(name and signature of appropriate library or city/town officer)


cc: Raymond Lambert, Administrator
State of Rhode Island Equal Opportunity Office
One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908
Tel: (401)222-3090
Fax: (401)222-2490

Dorinda Keene
Minority Business Enterprises Compliance Office
One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908
Tel: (401)574-8670

Karen Mellor, Chief of Library Services
Rhode Island Department of Administration
Office of Library and Information Services
One Capitol Hill, Providence, RI 02908-5803
Tel: (401)574-9304
Fax: (401)574-9320