Construction Reimbursement: Equal Opportunity

Excerpts regarding Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO); the successful bidder must meet all EEO requirements. Review the entire statute: RI General Laws, 28-5.1. Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action.

§ 28-5.1-1. Declaration of policy. – (a) Equal opportunity and affirmative action toward its achievement is the policy of all units of Rhode Island state government, including all public and quasi-public agencies, commissions, boards and authorities; and in the classified, unclassified, and nonclassified services of state employment. This policy shall apply in all areas where the state dollar is spent, in employment, public service, grants and financial assistance, and in state licensing and regulation. ….

§ 28-5.1-2. State equal opportunity office. – (a) There shall be a state equal opportunity office. This office, under the direct administrative supervision of the director of administration/human resources, shall report to the governor and to the general assembly on state equal opportunity programs. The state equal opportunity office shall be responsible for assuring compliance with the requirements of all federal agencies for equal opportunity and shall provide training and technical assistance as may be requested by any company doing business in Rhode Island and all state departments as is necessary to comply with the intent of this chapter.

(b) The state equal opportunity office shall issue such guidelines, directives or instructions as are necessary to effectuate its responsibilities under this chapter, and is hereby authorized to investigate possible discrimination, hold hearings, and direct corrective action thereto.

§ 28-5.1-15. State financial assistance. – State agencies disbursing financial assistance, including, but not limited to, loans and grants, shall hereafter require recipient organizations and agencies to undertake affirmative action programs designed to eliminate patterns and practices of discrimination. At the request of the state equal opportunity office, state agencies disbursing assistance shall develop, in conjunction with the state equal opportunity office, regulations and procedures necessary to implement the goals of nondiscrimination and affirmative action and shall be reviewed for compliance according to state policy.

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