Construction Reimbursement: Historical Preservation

RI General Laws 42-45, Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission.

See note below about compliance with this state law.

§ 42-45-5. Powers and duties. – (1) The commission shall:

(a) Establish criteria for evaluating historical, architectural, or cultural sites, buildings, places, landmarks, or areas so as to determine their value in terms of national, state, or local importance and to adjudge their worthiness for inclusion in the state register;

(b) Compile, maintain, and publish a state register of historical, architectural, and cultural sites, buildings, places, landmarks, and areas which shall be revised every two (2) years. The state, a city or town, or any subdivision or instrumentality thereof shall not undertake, fund, or license any activity which will encroach upon, damage, or destroy, physically, visually, or environmentally, any site, building, place, landmark, or area included in the state register without first obtaining the advice of the historical preservation and heritage commission. The commission shall advise the party proposing an activity affecting any item in the state register of its opinion in writing, together with any maps, drawings, photographs, or material necessary to explain or support its advisory. If a written advisory is not given within sixty (60) days of receipt of notice of a proposed activity, the commission shall be deemed to approve the proposal. If more than sixty (60) days are needed to evaluate a proposed activity and render an advisory, arrangements for a reasonable extension shall be made by the commission and the party proposing the activity. Advisories rendered by the commission on any proposed activity affecting an item on the state register shall be followed unless there are compelling reasons for not doing so. In these cases, a statement of the reasons, together with a copy of the commission's advisory, shall be submitted to the governor for final determination;
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Note: Projects involving properties on the National Register of Historic Places must be formally approved by the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission. This includes properties located in Historic Districts, though the properties themselves may not be specifically designated as historic buildings. Approval by local historic commissions does not constitute state approval.

For more information, contact the RI Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission at (401)222-2678 or visit the RI Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission Website.