Construction Reimbursement: Appendices to Application

List of appendices to be added by the library to the application

  1. Establishment of the library
    This includes all documentation regarding the establishment of the library as a nonprofit corporation and its establishment by the city or town.
  2. City or town plans regarding the library
    Attach a copy of any sections regarding the library which are included in the city or town's Comprehensive Plan (R.I.G.L. 45-22.2).
  3. Copy of the deed, any current or pending long-term lease agreements, or a description of plans to acquire or lease the site
  4. Description of the proposed facility
    Describe all phases of the proposed project, including its purpose, probable cost, and relation to existing facilities. Include:
    • needs statement
    • specific description of the architect's assignment and fees
    • role of the library consultant
    • description of the site, including map and site plan
    • plans for new construction and/or remodeling and expansion
    • initial equipment
    • timetable
    • how accessibility issues will be addressed
    • how historical preservation issues (if any) will be addressed
  5. Building Program
    Attach a copy of the draft or preliminary building program.
  6. Project funding
    Attach documentation to show available funds, as they become available.
  7. Architect profile
    Provide information about the architect's previous experience with library buildings.
  8. Library Building Consultant profile
    Provide information about the consultant's previous experience with construction
  9. Historical Preservation
    If the proposed site is on the State Register, provide a copy of the material submitted to the Rhode Island Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission and a copy of its advisory opinion regarding the proposed project.