Public Library Standards: Principles

Rhode Island General Law 29-6-1 puts forth that free public libraries are essential to the general enlightenment of citizens in a democracy and shall provide for the cultural, educational, informational and research needs of all residents. Therefore, all Rhode Islanders should have free and equal access to:

  • A full range of physical and virtual resources, information, instruction, programs and other library services;
  • Courteous, competent, committed, and well-trained library staff;
  • Professionally managed library services;
  • Libraries governed by Boards of Trustees committed to the growth and development of local library services in their communities in the context of statewide library service to all;
  • Resources of all the state's libraries at their local library through the Library of Rhode Island;
  • Expanded levels of service through cooperation and collaboration of libraries and community agencies; and
  • Well-planned, equipped, and maintained facilities designed for the communities they serve.