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SRRC: Contractual Services 2011 - 2012

The Providence Public Library serves as Rhode Island's Statewide Reference Resource Center with state funding provided via the Office of Library and Information Services. The goal of the program is to provide quality reference services and online databases and electronic resources to all residents of Rhode Island.

2011-2012 Statewide Reference Resource Center Contract, Print Version [pdf]

Program of Service

  1. General Access
  2. AskRI Services
    • Reference Services
    • IT/Database Services
  3. Marketing / Web Services
  4. Continuing Education
  5. Administration & Collaboration
  6. Budget


Providence Public Library (PPL) will develop, maintain, and provide access to specialized collections and services for the State of Rhode Island via the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) for the purposes of statewide resource sharing.  It will do this by the following activities:

  1. General Access

    1. PPL will provide safe and efficient public access to all in-building library resources 38 hours a week October through May, and 34 hours a week May through September.  This will include two evenings, Saturdays, and Sundays from October through mid May.
    2. PPL will provide timely sharing of PPL materials to other libraries through its Resource Sharing Department. (Monday through Friday 24 hour turnaround)
    3. PPL will continue to accept and fulfill Library of Rhode Island (LORI) subject requests in a timely manner to support individual patrons and libraries alike. (Monday through Friday 24 hour turnaround)
    4. PPL will continue to expand access to its specialized collections through digitization initiatives.
  2. AskRI Services

    1. Reference Services

      1. PPL will provide information services online through AskRI for 60 hours per week, including email, Simple Messaging Service (SMS) and chat reference, and whatever research is needed to answer those questions.
      2. PPL will provide information services via telephone for 60 hours per week. (3) PPL will answer questions received via mail and fax to whatever level is necessary to appropriately answer the inquiry.
    2. IT/Databases Services

      1. PPL will maintain, troubleshoot, and compile statistics for the following databases: EBSCOHost, HeritageQuest, LearningExpress, Mango Languages, ReferenceUSA, Tutor.com, WorldBook and any other databases licensed for AskRI during the year of this contract. This includes coordinating the technical aspects of the databases and ensuring smooth access by patrons and, when required, handling the purchasing and invoicing process.
      2. PPL will cooperate with OLIS to facilitate/arrange and promote as necessary a minimum of 4 vendor provided training sessions for RI librarians (multiple vendors at single day/time will count as one training).
  3. Marketing/Web Services

    1. PPL will collaborate with OLIS to ensure that the services supported by the State of RI and OLIS are adequately marketed and publicized to the other libraries in the state and to the general public.  Priorities for the year’s activity include:
      1. Production and distribution of marketing materials for libraries and others
      2. Promotion of AskRI services via traditional pathways, such as advertising via public transportation
      3. Promotion of AskRI in cooperation with AskRI vendors
    2. PPL will develop and maintain the AskRI information portal including:
      1. Updating the website design to utilize php or similar language that enables a more streamlined design
      2. Regular updates of the AskRI website to include new or expanded resources
      3. Utilization of social media tools such as Twitter and/or Facebook to expand the reach of AskRI and embedding these tools into the website
      4. Tracking usage of the AskRI website and any embedded services
    3. PPL will develop in-house a minimum of 3 short informational videos on AskRI for the general public and post these online on a service such as youTube so that libraries can embed these videos in their websites.
  4. Continuing Eudcation and Consultant Services

    1. PPL will conduct 4 technology-related CE trainings for LORI library staff as directed by OLIS on current trends in library services.
    2. PPL will conduct a minimum of 2 professional CE workshops for LORI library staff , one on a reference topic and one on children’s services.
    3. PPL will develop in-house 3 short informational videos on current trends in information services (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) for the general public and post online on a service such as youTube so that libraries can embed these videos in their websites.
  5. Administration

    1. Reporting
      1. Statistical reports will be submitted monthly to OLIS no later than the 15 days after the end of the month. These reports will include number of reference questions received from the public, including in person, phone, and email and other online reference transactions and patent requests. These monthly reports will include statistics on LORI Reference and ILL subject requests from other libraries, and monthly reports of usage of all AskRI databases in a format approved by OLIS.
      2. Financial reports will be submitted quarterly, by October 17, 2011, January 17, 2012, April 16, 2012 and July 31, 2012. Expenditures will be listed according to categories presented in the proposed SRRC FY2012 budget.
      3. Bi-annual reports will include summaries of the activities completed in the Program of Service, cumulative SRRC statistics, and cumulative database statistics of all AskRI databases.
    2. Payment
      1. Database contracts for EBSCOHost, HeritageQuest, Tutor.com and World Book may be paid directly by OLIS; when they are, this amount will be deducted from the SRRC grant. If the database contracts are paid by PPL, reimbursement for these expenditures will be made in one payment for all databases paid by PPL following the receipt of database invoices.
      2. Database contracts for Reference USA, Mango Languages, Learning Express and any other databases licensed for AskRI during the year of this contract will be paid directly by OLIS with funds not designated for SRRC. Maintenance of these databases, as directed by OLIS, is part of the SRRC contract, as specified in AskRI Services IT/Database Services, Item 1.
      3. Payment for the remaining services will be made in three equal installments:
        1. January 2012 upon receipt of all statistical and financial (2 quarters) reports and the bi-annual report
        2. April 2012 upon receipt of all statistical and financial reports
        3. June 2012 upon receipt of all statistical reports. Fourth quarter financial report and final report are due no later than July 31, 2012

Services not specifically mentioned in this contract are subject to negotiation between the Providence Public Library and the Office of Library and Information Services.


Allocation of funding
Category Amount
Personnel & other costs $394,835
  • Salaries, benefits and other costs to support the contract obligations:
    • AskRI 60 hours a week plus research time
    • Phone services 60 hours week
    • Hosting, troubleshooting and statistics for all AskRI databases and electronic resources as specified in AskRI Services – IT/Database Services, Item 1.
    • Web/marketing
    • Continuing education
    • Administration

nb. Personnel costs are assigned for services. It is recognized that PPL staff perform services for both PPL and AskRI and as such personnel costs are not allocated for specific salaries.

Materials $617,543
AskRI: Databases $607,543
AskRI: PR Materials $10,000
Total $1,012,378

June 30, 2011