Statewide Reference Resource Center, 2014-2015

The Statewide Reference Resource Center (SRRC) provides quality reference services, online databases and electronic resources to all Rhode Islanders.

The SRRC takes questions via email, online chat and over the telephone and provides the online learning experience of AskRI ranging from homework help through language learning as well as scholarly, literary and consumer research. AskRI is accessible from home, office, Internet café or wherever an online connection can be made.

Section 29-6-9 of the Rhode Island General Laws establishes the SRRC as a grant program managed by the Office of Library and Information Services and awarded biennially on a competitive basis to a RI public library. OLIS offers two SRRC grant opportunities, one for operations and one for reference services. OLIS manages online resource licensing and negotiation of electronic resource contracts in-house based upon recommendations of the AskRI advisory group.

OLIS is pleased to announce that for state fiscal year 2015 (July 1, 2014 - June 30, 2015), the grants for Operations and Reference Services were awarded to the Providence Public Library, with the option for OLIS to renew the contract through fiscal year 2016. Because of the interconnected nature of these two services, OLIS is awarding a single grant to include both Operations and Reference Services.

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The Providence Public Library will provide technical support for statewide online electronic resources, the portal to access those resources, marketing and publicity for the portal and its resources, and education for library staff and the general public on the use of portal resources. Services include the following:

  • Technical support for online databases and electronic resources
  • AskRI portal and website services
  • Marketing and publicity for libraries, schools and the general public
  • Education for library staff, school staff and the general public

Reference Services

The Providence Public Library will provide reference services to all Rhode Islanders and Rhode Island libraries. Services will be available via the AskRI website a minimum of 60 hours a week, with services available at least six days a week:

  • Email reference services
  • Chat reference services
  • Phone reference service

In addition, the Providence Public Library will:

  • Develop online reference resources for the AskRI website


Statewide Reference Resource Center 2014-2015
Grants & Funding Amount Total
1. SRRC Operations Grant   $202,850
Salaries and Benefits $178,200  
Supplies $5,000  
Administrative Costs $9,650  
Contracted Services (design, marketing) $10,000  
2. SRRC Reference Services Grant   $99,936
Salaries and Benefits $99,936  
Database Contracts (OLIS, State & Federal Funds; Ocean State Libraries)   $819,278


June 14, 2014