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St. Joseph Health Sciences Library

City or Town:North Providence
Library Code:OLF
Address:200 High Service Avenue
North Providence, RI 02904
Head of Library:Mary Zammarelli, Director of Library Services
Web Address:http://www.fatimahospital.com/services/library-services/
Directions: Directions to the Hospital campus  
Once you reach the campus, the Library is on the first floor of Marian Hall. Marian Hall is a little, four story, office-type building in back of the main hospital buildings. If you're facing the hospital, it's in the rear right corner. When you approach the hospital from High Service Avenue, you can go past the main entrance and as you go around the bend to the left, you will see another little driveway leading right to Marian Hall and continuing right to the parking lot in the back.

There should be ample parking in the main parking lot in back of Marian Hall as well as some slots right in front and along the side of the building. Once you park, you can either enter Marian Hall through its back entrance or through the main front entrance. If you come in the front doors, you'll be right on the first floor and directly in front of you will be a set of French doors leading into the library. If you come in through the back, just go up the half flight of stairs, through the door and turn left. Continue just a few feet and to your left you will see the French doors entering into the library.