Best Practices: Interstate Delivery

Below are examples of best practices when placing items in the MLS/RI Interstate Delivery System. Good practices will lead to items reaching their proper destination in a timely fashion. Bad practices cause delays and lost items in the system.

For items going through the MLS/RI Interstate Delivery, please follow the procedures below:

Correct Correct Correct
CorrectRI to MA, fold return RI slip and place inside CorrectTo MA with town or library name showing CorrectTo RI, 3-letter code showing
Incorrect Incorrect Incorrect
Incorrect 2 slips showing and no elastic band IncorrectLORI slip outside could slide out and be lost IncorrectMA slip outside could slide out and be lost

When sending items to Massachusetts, the RI delivery slip should be folded to prevent return code from showing and placed securly in the middle of the item firmly against the spine or inside the case to be used for returning item. (slips alphabetical by city/town or institution name)

Place Massachusetts Custom filled Out S-route Slip firmly in spin/case with top clearly showing "S via southeast" and "town/institution name".