In Transit Items in LORI Delivery

  • OLIS does not hold library materials at its location.
    1. At times, materials are routed to OLIS by courier for disposition, because they do not contain routing slips, are improperly coded, or are being sent to libraries that are not on the LORI delivery service. Items belonging to LORI libraries are sent back to the sending library.
    2. It is important that all materials placed in the ILL LORI delivery system are properly labeled and secured. See Delivery Best Practices for the proper way to secure labels for delivery.
    3. It is important that libraries place only LORI library materials in the delivery system.
  • The courier does not hold materials at its facility. All materials received by the courier are sorted the same day, and distributed to libraries on the next delivery day for that library. Undeliverable items are sent to OLIS.
  • Libraries should investigate their in-transit items through the following steps:
    1. Determine if the item was properly routed, and that the routing slip contained the correct library code.
    2. Not all libraries in Rhode Island are part of the LORI ILL network, and as such, they do not receive ILL delivery services. Do not send these materials to OLIS for disposition; they will be returned to the sending library.
    3. The lending and borrowing libraries should check with personnel to see if the item was received and routed correctly.
    4. The hold shelves and stacks of both libraries as well as the circulation area should be checked for the item.

Items may end up at the wrong library due to slips missing or improper coding and not be placed back into the system until weeks have passed. If you receive an item not belonging to your library or meant for another library, Try to determine where the item belongs. Check the delivery codes and schedules and place the item back in the system as soon as possible.