Delivery Services for Non-Library Affiliated Agencies

The OLIS-LORI Delivery service is provided by the Office of Library and Information Services to support resource sharing among Rhode Island libraries.  The delivery service allows each LORI member library to share their collections statewide without incurring expensive shipping costs to the library or the patrons it serves.

OLIS has received numerous inquiries from government agencies, non-profit organizations, and private companies about using the delivery system to distribute materials to LORI libraries.  As it is a valuable service that libraries and patrons have come to depend upon, it is important for us to put the items exchanged among libraries as the first priority for the service. Any request beyond this core service area will be evaluated based on these guidelines:

Contrary to the popular belief, not all books are welcome in the library.  Most libraries have well-established collection development policies.  If books do not meet such policy, the receiving libraries have to set aside staff time and other resources to dispose of the items. A good amount of the donated books may end up in the library’s recycling bins. 

When an individual or institution wishes to use OLIS-LORI delivery to distribute material(s):

  1. You will need to provide proof that the receiving libraries are in agreement with accepting the material(s)
  2. A copy of the material(s) should be submitted to Alicia Waters, for approval. 
  3. Total weight of material(s) is not to exceed 25 lbs.
  4. No delivery to DOD (delivery on Demand) libraries.

When approved by OLIS to use the delivery for items, a memo stating the purpose of the donation by the donor should be attached to the material for each location. (e.g. An incoming book without any accompanying note is a challenge for library staff)

OLIS will provide the requester with information for delivery and a template of the library's 3-letter delivery codes that the requester will use to package and label all materials prior to delivery. All materials will be brought to OLIS at 1 Capitol Hill, Providence, RI to be inspected and placed in delivery there.

Neither OLIS or the delivery vendor are liable for any damage or loss while allowing non-library agencies to use this delivery service.