Basic Steps for Using FirstSearch ILL

  1. Go to FirstSearch & OLIS ILL Clearinghouse
  2. Click on  "Log in to FirstSearch" 
  3. Enter your LORI username, password, and your library's LORI code
  4. Click "Okay"
  5. For assistance in searching please refer to the FirstSearch online help. 
  6. Click the item to view  the entire record in details.   If this is the correct record, click "ILL" button at the top of the screen.
  7. Fill out the form. 
  8. Comments:  if you use the "Comments" field, please indicate who the comments are for, e.g. to Kelley/Clearinghouse,  or reminders to yourself or your staff.
  9. Submit.
  10. Keep a copy (electronic or print) of the request for your records and exit FirstSearch.
  11. Library will receive a copy of the request via email.  
  12. Email OLIS ILL Clearinghouse with the name of the item and the ILL number when the actual item is received.
  13. Email OLIS ILL Clearinghouse when the item is returned.