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Templates for Delivery Slips and Labels

Please print these for yourself and contact us if you have a problem. The masters for the slips and labels are designed to run on standard paper and label stock. All materials placed in delivery should include a LORI delivery slip.

  • Delivery Slips:
    Rich text format (RTF) - Open file, replace "DSL" with your library's 3-letter code, and print in landscape view. Photocopy on white paper. Most word processors are able to read and write RTF documents.
    The delivery slip template is also available in these formats: PDF format; MS Word format

  • Delivery Labels:
    Open file, save with another name and print on address label stock. Use Avery 5160, 5960 or any template from any label supplier as long as it is blank, 1" x 2 5/8" , 30 to a page.