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What Can Be Sent in Delivery

Library Materials that may be sent through the vendor include but are not limited to:

books, photocopies, flyers, films and other non-print items, boxes of books and other library items.

Library Materials that are NOT to be sent through the vendor include:

  1. oversized/heavy packages - individual packages may not be more than 50 lbs. In weight and not exceed more than 60" in length, plus width, plus height.
  2. fragile/breakable items
  3. equipment (with the exception of Talking Book machines returning to DSL)
  4. cash, checks, money orders
  5. materials of a rare or irreplaceable nature

Packing and Address Requirements

  1. All individual items must have delivery slip with 3 letter code placed in the spine of the item. OLIS recommends placing an elastic band around the item to keep the slip in place.
  2. Cartons may be used for bulk shipments to the same destination. All addresses on cartons used for previous shipment must be blocked out.  Cartons, boxes, and other containers must be sealed and clearly mark with the proper 3 letter code.

Template for Delivery Slips and Labels