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2009 OLIS-LORI Delivery Survey Results

About the Survey

In October 2009, the 191 library facilities that receive regular OLIS-LORI Delivery services were asked to record and to report their out-going item counts. The survey took place from October 18 through October 24, 2009, with 96%  (183) of network libraries participating. All together, 49,815 items were transported in the OLIS-LORI Delivery system during the week.

New in 2009: A set of questions was added to the survey to provide information needed for a delivery study conducted by the Library Board of Rhode Island Ad Hoc Delivery Committee. The questions focused on the staff time spent on delivery related tasks. Results from that section were forwarded to the committee and were analyzed and included in the Report on the Rhode Island Statewide Delivery System

During the 2009 survey, many libraries reported the challenge of accurately recording the number of bins used for the week.  When multiple items are heading to the same destination, most libraries pack the items into paper boxes.  These boxes come in different sizes, therefore it is difficult to define a workable measurement to convert these varied box sizes to their bin-equivalent volumes.

Many thanks to the libraries who responded to the delivery survey. The survey results provides OLIS with valuable insight into the growth of Rhode Island’s resource sharing activities. The information is also crucial for OLIS to plan for the future of this vital service to the state’s library services. 

Survey summaries 

For most libraries, the heaviest delivery traffic occurs on Monday. 
On Monday, October 19, 2009:

  • 9,863 items were shipped from LORI libraries
  • 548 bins (and bin equivalents) were used for outgoing materials
  • If the volume of incoming materials is comparable to the outgoing volumes, a minimum of 1,096 bins of library materials were in transit among LORI libraries

In 2001, 2006, 2007, and 2008, OLIS conducted similar surveys.  The following are comparisons drawn from these surveys:

  • In a typical week of OLIS-LORI Delivery, a total of
    • 49,815 items were transported in 2009
    • 47,073 items were transported in 2008
    • 40,038 items were transported in 2007
    • 36,274 items were transported in 2006
    • 25,693 items were transported in 2001

      weekly delivery volumes

  • We see a slight decrease in the academic library delivery volume and a significant increase from the public libraries.  Based on the assumption that most libraries open five days a week, the average number of outgoing items placed to the delivery system per day per library are:
    • Academic library
      • 33 items in 2009
      • 35 items in 2008
      • 26 items in 2007
      • 27 items in 2006
      • 19 items in 2001
    • Public library
      • 137 items in 2009
      • 123 items in 2008
      • 103 items in 2007
      • 93 items in 2006
      • 70 items in 2001
    • School library
      • 2 items in 2009
      • 2 items in 2008
      • 2 items in 2007
      • 1 items in 2006
      • 1 items in 2001
  • Number of libraries that receive OLIS-LORI Delivery, minus DOD (delivery on demand) libraries
    • 191 in 2009
      Decline mostly caused by schools closing, staff and/or services reduced in libraries.
    • 200 in 2008
    • 186 in 2007
    • 167 in 2006
    • 151 in 2001