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Use of Delivery Services for Non-Profit Organizations

The OLIS-LORI Delivery service is provided by the Office of Library and Information Services to support resource sharing among Rhode Island libraries. The delivery service affords each LORI member library to share their collections statewide.

OLIS has received numerous inquiries from government agencies and non-profit organizations about using the delivery system to distribute materials to LORI libraries. Any such request should be directed to Alicia Waters by email or by calling (401)574-9315. OLIS reserves the right to review and approve any material to be placed in the delivery with these criteria:

  1. Materials must be relevant to library services or public information of statewide interest
  2. Library items are not to exceed the size of currently used library delivery bins
  3. Weight of items are not to exceed the weight of a standard filled bin
  4. There is no delivery to DOD (Delivery on Demand) library locations

If approved, requester must follow these procedures:

  1. When asked, send a copy of the materials to OLIS for review
  2. Items must be securely and individually packaged
  3. Labels provided by OLIS must be affixed to each item with the 3-letter library code clearly visible

Private companies or individuals are not eligible to use this service.

LORI libraries should not accept materials or act as the center for general distribution unless OLIS has approved the use of Delivery by the non-profit organization. Violation of this policy will result in the sending library being fined the current cost of the stops.

Neither OLIS nor the delivery vendor are liable for any damage or loss while allowing non-profits or government agencies to use this delivery service.

Effective: November 10, 2015