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Library of Rhode Island Standards & Regulations

Section 2.00 Definitions

2.01 "Business days" are days on which the library is open for service, excluding Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.

2.02 "Clientele" are patrons registered with a particular library and have all privileges that are associated with such registration

2.03 "Interlibrary loan" is a service whereby a patron of one LORI library can borrow materials or receive copies of documents that are owned by another LORI library.

2.04 "Library of Rhode Island (LORI)" is a multi-type statewide library network administered by the Office of Library and Information Services to foster and facilitate collaboration among member libraries.

2.05 "Loan period" is the circulation period for loaned materials, inclusive of transit time.

2.06 "LORI Liaison" is the library staff member appointed by the library director to serve as the primary resource sharing contact between the library and OLIS.

2.07 "OLIS-LORI Delivery" is the interlibrary delivery service which transports materials between LORI member libraries. This contracted service is managed by the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS) and paid for by the State of Rhode Island.

2.08 "Requesting library" is the library which originates an interlibrary loan request.

2.09 "Supplying library" is the owner of materials supplied to the requesting library.