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LORI Standards

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Library of Rhode Island Standards (revised 2003)

1. Library Operations

A Library of Rhode Island (LORI) member library will:

1.1 operate in compliance with RI law.

1.2 have an organized collection of information resources.

1.3 have on file with the Office of Library & Information Services (OLIS) a current copy of the library mission statement that has been approved by the library's governing body.

1.4 have on file with OLIS a written library policy(s) that has been approved by the library's governing body, which defines:

1.4.1. the library's primary clientele,
1.4.2. the extent to which others may have access to the library and its services,
1.4.3. the types and scope of services the library offers.

1.5 have a fixed location (or locations).

1.6 have posted regular hours of service.

1.7 have a qualified paid staff to manage the collection and provide access to it, with a minimum of one staff member holding a Master degree of Library and Information Services from an ALA accredited school.

1.8 provide reference service and loan library materials and equipment to its patrons without fees.

2. Electronic Access

2.1 A LORI library will have bibliographic and holdings information that can be accessed through the Internet.

2.1.1. A library not in compliance with 2.1 must submit a plan to provide Internet access to bibliographic and holdings information within 18 months from the date of its application for LORI membership.

2.2 If a LORI library's serials holdings are listed in electronic format, then the library should provide access to the list through the Internet.

3. Communication

Each LORI library will designate staff members who will:

3.1 serve as the LORI Liaison who will

3.1.1 inform OLIS of personnel changes in the positions of LORI Liaison and ILL Contact;
3.1.2 have the training and Internet access necessary to communicate with OLIS by email;
3.1.3 keep apprised of information distributed by OLIS through the LORI website and email and communicate such information to appropriate staff.

3.2 serve as the ILL Contact who will

3.2.1 have the training and Internet access necessary to perform ILL tasks.

4. Interlibrary Loan

4.1 The LORI library director and the ILL Contact will sign the ILL Agreement established by OLIS for interlibrary cooperation and resource sharing.

4.2 A LORI library will adhere to the policies and procedures established by OLIS, which are based on the recommendations of the ILL Working Group, for interlibrary cooperation and resource sharing.

4.3 The LORI Liaison will report annually to OLIS the statistical information enumerated in the ILL Code, § 8.0.

5. Technology Plan

5.1 A LORI library will submit to OLIS a technology plan that:

  • describes the library's strategy for using information technologies
  • addresses its utilization of hardware and software
  • demonstrates a commitment to staff development in information technology contains an evaluation process.

5.2 The Technology Plan will cover a 3-5 year span of time and should be reviewed annually.