Processing Request from Non-OSL, Non- HELIN Libraries

  • Run holds list in Sierra as usual.
  • Pull items from shelves.
  • Check-in item to activate HOLD information.
  • Location will automaticlaly come up "DSL, OLIS" as this library is an OLIS patron.
  • Place "DSL" on the delivery slip to send the item to OLIS.
  • Once the item is recieved at OLIS, it will be checked out and routed to the requesting library. This is when the loan period begins.

    OLIS will place a delivery slip in the item to the destination library with a notation at the bottom of the slip that reads:

    "When your patron returns this item, use a new slip and place the item in your delivery for direct return to __________" (the lending library's 3-letter code).

    This will allow materials to be returned to the lending library as quickly as possible.


Please email or call 574-9308 or or call 574-9315.