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RI Public Library Trustees Handbook

The Rhode Island Public Library Trustees Handbook is available only as a pdf file. PDF files require Acrobat Reader, which is available as a free download.

Rhode Island Public Library Trustees Handbook pdf [80 pages]

Download Sections of the Trustees Handbook

Table of Contents pdf [3 pages]

Section 1: Basics pdf [12 pages]


  1. Public Library Service in RI - A Brief History
  2. Duties and Responsibilities of Trustees
  3. Qualifactions of Trustees
  4. Board Basics
  5. Legal Responsibilities of Trustees

Section 2: Planning pdf [12 pages]

  1. Library Planning
  2. Planning Library Buildings

Section 3: Policies, Personnel and Budgets pdf [18 pages]

  1. Effective Library Policy Making
  2. Personnel Practices
  3. Trustees and the Library's Budget

Section 4: PR, Politics and Intellectual Freedom pdf [6 pages]

  1. Public Relations: The Trustee as a Library Ambassador
  2. Trustees and the Political Process
  3. Intellectual Freedom: A Special Trust

Section 5: OLIS, LORI, and Organizations pdf [10 pages]

  1. The Rhode Island Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS)
  2. LORI: The State Library Network
  3. Friends of the Library
  4. Volunteers in the Library
  5. Organizations Serving Trustees

Section 6: Appendices pdf [18 pages]

  • The Board Evaluates Itself
  • Sample Bylaws
  • Library Bill of Rights
  • The Freedom to Read Statement
  • The Freedom to View Statement
  • Ethics Statement for Public Library Trustees
  • Glossary of Terms and Acronyms
  • A Trustee's Reading List
  • Index to RI Library & Library Related Laws
  • Legal Opinion: "Control of Personnel Policies"

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