SRP Performer RI Computer Museum

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RI Computer Museum

Rockin Raspberry Pi Workshop!

Children's Program

Computer technology is everywhere and used by many professionals, including inventors, artists, teachers, engineers, musicians, scientists and computer programmers. In this workshop, students will learn how to use everyday items and the "Makey Makey" to complete an electronic circuit in order to make music programs. The "Makey Makey" ( is a small curcuit board that connects to a computer and lets you invent your own keyboard with anything that conducts electricity. Use bananas to play a virtual piano or band instruments! Use a pencil and PlayDoh to make a controller for a computer game!

Karaoke Coding! Sonic Rocks!

Teen Program

This workshop uses portable mics and free coding software aimed towards educating a new generation of programmers and sound engineers. Kids will be introduced to programming using age-appropriate software tools to modify voices and/or design a beat box. They will use drag-and-drop "code blocks" and that lets kids create interactive stories, animations and sounds. In this workshop, kids will be put their sounds and coding concepts through focused discussions of basic sound design. By the end of the session, kids will have learned how to making their very own BEAT BOX.

Schedule of Appearances
Friday, 11:00 AM
Middletown Public Library
Tuesday, 02:00 PM
East Providence Public Library
Wednesday, 10:00 AM
Westerly Public Library