SRP Performer Gladys Cole

Some libraries require pre-registration to attend events or hold them at an alternative location. Please check with individual libraries for more complete information.

Gladys Cole

This workshop class allows students to use their creative imagination and learn beginner's technique on playwriting. Students will work on individual writing exercises sharing their work with the class and receive positive feedback from supportive peers. Students will also work on writing short scenes that will be presented. The theme for this workshop is "Libraries Rock." Create an imaginary story about your favorite library. Who would be the characters in the story? Is your story in an imaginary world or real? Students will also portray characters they create and play fun theatre games as well improvisation techniques. This workshop is open to kids who enjoy writing feedback in a fun, positive workshop environment.

Schedule of Appearances
Wednesday, 02:30 PM
Wanskuck Library
Young Adult
Wednesday, 06:00 PM
East Greenwich Free Library
Young Adult
Wednesday, 06:30 PM
West Warwick Public Library
Young Adult
Wednesday, 03:00 PM
George Hail Free Library
Young Adult
Tuesday, 06:30 PM
Rogers Free Library
Young Adult