SRP Performer Karen Katin

Some libraries require pre-registration to attend events or hold them at an alternative location. Please check with individual libraries for more complete information.

Karen Katin

Dancing Threads

Children's Program

Learn to sew by hand by making a felt and ribbon bookmark. Children will learn to thread a needle, tie knots, sew buttons, and create a bookmark that will get plenty of use all summer long. All materials are provided. This program is easily adapted to any age group. Ages 5+

Teen's Program

Learn to Sew! Teens will create a sewn paper journal/notebook while learning basic sewing skills like threading a needle, tying knots, and sewing a seam. Teens are involved in the design process for the cover of their notebooks, and leave with a completed book to use throughout their summer or academic year. Variation will be available to challenge those who are already comfortable sewing. Ages 8+

Schedule of Appearances
Wednesday, 02:30 PM
William Hall Library
Young Adult
Wednesday, 02:30 PM
Oak Lawn Branch
Young Adult
Thursday, 06:00 PM
Jamestown Philomenian Library
Young Adult
Saturday, 11:00 AM
Middletown Public Library
Young Adult
Wednesday, 03:00 PM
South Kingstown Public Library
Young Adult
Thursday, 04:00 PM
Rochambeau Library
Young Adult
Friday, 11:00 AM
Anne Ide Fuller Branch
Young Adult
Tuesday, 03:00 PM
Warwick Public Library
Young Adult
Thursday, 03:00 PM
Woonsocket Harris Public Library
Young Adult
Thursday, 04:00 PM
Tiverton Public Library
Young Adult
Tuesday, 06:00 PM
Barrington Public Library
Young Adult