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Are you on the OLIS email list?

If not, you're not receiving the latest news and updates from the
Office of Library & Information Services
about local and national library news, programs and events in Rhode Island.

How can you tell if you're on the OLIS email List?

  • Do you receive email notices about OLIS News and Updates?
  • Did you receive an email notice about the latest Continuing Education Brochure?

If not, sign up to receive OLIS News from the Office of Library and Information Services. If you are already on the mailing but wish to receive email at a different address, use the same form to make the request.

Don't worry, we don't give our email lists to anyone. And if you want to remove your name from the list at any time, you can contact the OLIS webmaster at olis.webmaster@olis.ri.gov.

The Office of Library and Information Services no longer sends CE brochures in paper format. Many of our notices and other publications are also distributed in electronic versions only. Don't miss out on any important information — check your email and join the list!

The OLIS Email List:

The best way to stay up-to-date 
with library news and events in Rhode Island.