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Children's Services Discussion Group

Membership in the RI-Children’s Services Google Group is open to all RI library staff with an interest in children’s or teen services, and community partners who work directly with a RI public library or the Office of Library and Information Services (OLIS).

Group Web Address: http://groups.google.com/group/ri-children
Email Address: ri-children@googlegroups.com
All email exchanges in the listserv are archived and open to the public. You may view or search the archive at http://groups.google.com/group/ri-children/topics

Posting and Receiving Messages from RI-Children’s Services

A Google account is not required to access or post messages via email on the RI-Children’s Services listserv. You can email the group from your email address (send to: ri-children@googlegroups.com), or respond to a message you’ve received, and it will go to everyone. If you have multiple email accounts, make sure you use the account you used to
subscribe to the group or where you received the invitation to join the group.

If you wish to post from the web interface or share a private GoogleDoc, you will be asked to login with a Google account. The Google account login requires an email address and a password, but the email DOES NOT have to be a Google Email (gmail) account. If you wish to receive email from RI-Children’s Services at a different email account (other than the one where you received the invitation to join), please visit the RI-Children’s Services home
page and click “apply for group membership.” Log in using the Google account you’d prefer before you send your invitation request.

Attaching Documents

If you wish to attach a Word document, library flyer, or photo, you must email the group. You can not attach documents from the web interface. The documents can be accessed via the web interface.

Requesting an Invitation to Join RI-Children’s Services

If you wish to join the group, you may email Danielle Margarida, OLIS Youth Services Coordinator, directly and request to be included. Alternatively, you may go to the home page of the group and click “apply for group membership.” You will be prompted to create or log into your Google account. If you do not wish to create a Google account, email Danielle Margarid directly.

Creating a Google Account

  1. Point your browser to Google Accounts Login. Click the “Create an account now” link.
  2. Create a Google account with your current work email. Complete the form and submit.
  3. When you log into your Google account, you will see your groups. One of them will be RI Children’s Services. When you visit the group’s page, you will be able to see all of the archived messages or post a new message from the web. You will be able to see every message, whether it was emailed or posted from the web interface, including documents.

Download the print version of the Children's Services Group directions.