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Support for Children's Services

OLIS offers consultation services to children's services librarians in the areas of collection development, programming, services, facilities, policies, planning and evaluation. OLIS supports children's library services by providing continuing education for librarians and facilitating information sharing and reading promotion activities. OLIS is a pro-active advocate for children and library services for children and collaborates with other agencies for information sharing, cooperative projects and school/public library cooperation. OLIS staff also participate in state, regional and national organizations that focus on library services for children.


Children's Services Advisory Council (CSAC): Eight member group of children's librarians that advises the Office of Library and Information Services on children's library services. CSAC members strive to represent the entire community of children's librarians by consulting regularly with colleagues in their region. Each Council member serves a two-year term; four members retire and four new members join each September. In recruiting CSAC members, the Youth Services Coordinator selects both new and experienced children's librarians from diverse communities (rural, suburban, and urban from different geographical areas).

The objectives of the Council:

  1. To select the slate of educators/presenters for the annual statewide summer reading program,
  2. To advise OLIS' Youth Services Coordinator on topics for continuing education programs,
  3. To plan, evaluate, and develop new initiatives for the statewide summer reading program, and
  4. To represent the community of Rhode Island children's librarians regarding statewide partnership projects with other organizations, grants, and time-sensitive issues, including legislative action, affecting children in Rhode Island.

Continuing Education

  • OLIS Continuing Education offerings, including: lunchtime discussions; statewide summer reading program planning meetings; technology training sessions; book evaluation and discussion groups (Mock Newbery and Mock Caldecott); and, national and/or local speakers on topics of interest to RI children's librarians.

Reading and Literacy Promotion Projects

Programming Support

  • Summer Reading Program Performers: a slate of performers selected by librarians through the Performers Showcase and booked for the Summer Reading Program and other library programs.

Collection Development

Information Sharing

Contact Information

Referrals for children's library services is available by telephone, in person, and on site. Contact: Danielle Margarida (401)574-9309

Rhode Island Department of Administration
Office of Library and Information Services
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Phone: (401)574-9300