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Hatfields & McCoys Booklist

[June 2012] The following titles are available through Interlibrary Loan from Talking Books Plus.

DKY 2841 The Tale of the Devil: The Biography of Devil Anse Hatfield from the original Manuscripts by Grandson Coleman A. Hatfield by Coleman A. Hatfield and Robert Y. Spense A biography of Devil Anse Hatfield, based on primary source research and the original writings of his grandson Coleman A. Hatfield. Discusses the life of Devil Anse Hatfield and the famed 1880's feud between the Hatfield and McCoy families in West Virginia and Kentucky. Some language and some violence. 2003. Rough estimated time: 13 hours.

DKY 1703 The Hatfields and the McCoys by Otis Rice Recounts the causes and actions involved in the feud between the Hatfields of West Virgina, and the McCoys of Kentucky. 1978. Rough estimated time: 5 hours.

Note: Book numbers that have D before KY means books are available in digital.